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Guild ICC 10 man & other raid news

Hitsugan, Oct 2, 11 4:35 PM.
Hello my fellow CoD members. This is Kreeker speaking. I'm pleased to inform we managed to down PP and BPC which is pretty fucking amazing if you ask me. Now we do have certain news items as well. Besides the downing of these two bosses. First is : Group Calendar. This nifty lil add-on is going to be mandatory from now on. Please do get it as fast as possible or we are not responsible for you not getting info. If you need help with it you can contact Kreeker or Nimedhel. Second news : We have some serious communication issues in this guild. 1) Please don't talk in TS during boss encounter, we do not need a commentary of what's going on with you. If there's something wrong address the person who can help you out. We do not need to hear: "I'm standing in flames." "I got out" "I'm in flames again" or whatever is going on at this very moment. It is an unneeded extra especially if we are doing new content, which as most of you know is rarely. Continuing on the topic of communication. If someone is explaining tactics please be quiet and listen. Wait for the person to finish. If you have questions ask them once he/she has explained the whole tactics for the encounter. If you hear yourself talking at the same time as someone else. Also, please stop and let the other one finish first. Maybe he/she has the same question as you. But if you don't wait it will be a mess and a headache. On the same topic. Please stop making me yell at you. I love you guys and I don't want to be angry at you all the time.

PS: Link for Group Calendar.

Guild ICC date change!

Tegument, Sep 20, 11 5:50 AM.


Guild ICC10 has been moved to Saturday and will start 14.00 server time
 (if the server doesen't f**k up itself again). Now since this is Saturday morning make sure you have plenty of time, i think around 3 hours should be enough maybe less maybe more.  The main reason for this, is to get something done, i will quit the guild if we down only the usual 5 bosses. I'm serious!


I know most of you have a clue what ICC is about, but since surprises tend to happen (like who is in the group) i will put down the most basic stuff, so everyone- the old and the new- would be prepared.


So what is expected:


- if you are in the raid, there will be no excuses about running out of time etc. If you want to do this make sure you are in it 100% and until the end! As i said around 3 hours.

- know your homework! I will post the tactics below for bosses beyond Rot and Fester. So read up and be ready. We will discuss them in the raid anyway but we need to be prepared beforehand so we wouldn't have to start with noobing around.

- be geared gemmed, enched and specced. That means you will have all your stuff done checked and prepared for the raid, so we wouldn't have to go arguing about different details etc. I recommend you do that before Saturday.

- if you have had a wild party last night, get some aspirin and water! Vitamin C is also good for you!

- have a user in Teamspeak 3. If you don't have it ask the details in guild chat. This should also be done before Saturday. If you don't have TS we will not take you in the raid!


The group will be made based on who is present of the main players (unfair but this time we are serious, so new guys who want to be in the group pray to god that someone is missing and study your homework about bosses extra carefully cause i will be harder on you) and your gs. Will do dps dummy test if needed!


Here are the links. I will not link the first five bosses cause by now even your grandmother should be able to kill those guys! If something brings up questions or you cant fully understand, use google like everyone else.




Professor Putricide:

tankspot -


Blood prince counsil :

tankspot -


Blood Queen:



If we have time and if we suceed be also ready for these:


Sindragosa :

Tankspot -





Once again! This is srs bisnis!

ICC 25

Hitsugan, Aug 15, 11 4:19 PM.

Information hour

Hitsugan, Jul 24, 11 7:27 AM.
Hey all,
As a note to all of you who haven't signed up on our facebook page please do. As this would really increase our ability to organize. The link is : FACEBOOK LINK so like us if we get 25 people we can make it a user community and just have a short link like : or something like that.
On another note we will also be posting raid times on the raid calender on this homepage so please sign up if at all possible. Our goal would be to have at least 2 ICC 10 mans going a week and 1 ICC 25 man. It is always better to run these things with the guild instead of doing it with a PUG so please think about this.
Let's make this guild more active regarding raids!
And as a personal hope I would like to see the guild run other raids as well like TOTC, VoA, OS and Naxx just to gear up the newcomers in the guild.
For those who don't know we also have a TS3 channel we are using. The IP is :
No password just find the channel World Of Warcraft South Africa we are in there. So when ever there is a guild run it's a good idea to be on there and also at other times just to talk nonsense and have fun with guildies.

Best regards

CoD beats Deathbringer Saurfang

jOWNziE, Apr 7, 11 1:34 AM.
Yes, on Wednesday the 6th we put that freak of an orc down, in two attempts!

First attempt was a fail from the second it started, when I (Wind) decided a 30k hp enhancement shaman would do a better tanking than a prot paladin. 
Special grats go to Markus 'muuu' frost on his tank, who did a solid job for someone I haven't seen tank before. Bonus gratz goes to The Nim for using the right frost trap this time, and feigning death when he needed to xD! Of course it is slightly unfair with The Min healing, and also Erriol who was on some hax to keep us all up.

Naturally the OP awesomeness of our ICC ownage, combined with Liltroll being in a winning AV was too much for Molten to handle, and the server crashed leaving half a raid, and a sad Troll out in the cold. Hopefully we can still salvage the rest of the raid before our time is up, but if not, next week should be really good.

Ty again to all those who joined.
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